Welcome to PC Restore & Services, home of computer recycling in the Chattanooga – Cleveland – Dayton area.

We will come on-site to your business to pick up your used computer equipment in need of disposal, clearing out your needed storage space. We currently do computer recycling for Rhea Medical Center, Hamilton County government, and Rhea County government. We also serve many other businesses as needed.

All received computers, monitors and hardware are tested for quality and usability. The refurbished desktop computers, used computer monitors and used computer hardware are then sold at a discount. Our refurbished desktop computers start at $99. Brands available include Dell, HP and PC-compatible computers as well as selected Apple systems. We offer a 30-day warranty for everything sold through PC Restore.

Please call or e-mail to inquire about refurbished desktop computers and used computer parts, or visit our store located with A+ Technical Services on Rhea County Highway in Dayton, Tenn. We have additional items coming in all the time, so please contact us to see if we can meet your computing needs.